The uniform is analogous with a white collared shirt, white fitted pants, a dark brown colored waist skirt for the maneuver gearbox, darkish brown knee-excessive boots, and a gentle brown excessive waist jacket. The Survey Corps uniform consists of a white button-up collared shirt, a dark brown waist skirt, fitted white pants, knee-excessive boots of the identical coloration because the waist skirt, and a gentle brown colored excessive waist jacket with the white and blue wings in a gray and white shield brand. The Army Police Brigade additionally has the normal white collared button-up shirt, white fitted pants, darkish brown knee-excessive boots, waist skirt, gentle brown waist jacket, and a maneuver gearbox. They’re as follows: The Survey Corps, The Garrison Regiment, and The Military Police Brigade.

The Garrison branch protects and patrols the residents within the Partitions. Some fan artists might use these figurines to assist in drawing characters, while cosplayers may also use action figures to help make poses that will capture the essence of their character. The chibi type of those figures creates facial expressions that convey out one other aspect of him that isn’t seen in the original series whereas nonetheless staying true to his character. The protagonist Eren, his adoptive sister Mikasa, and the captain of the Survey Corps, Levi, are the most charismatic and popular characters in the series. The signature uniform and clothing designs from the collection are a preferred selection for cosplayers and merchandise that Assault on Titan fans go crazy for.

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