FIFA 21: Farid Boulaya is The Player of the Month of The French Ligue One And Receives a POTM Card

Farid Boulaya was chosen as the French Ligue One player of the month. For this reason, EA Sports has introduced a POTM card of this player to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 21, as usual.

This card can be obtained by completing his SBC and greatly improves the attributes of his base card. Boulaya’s base card only has 72 OVR points so this card undoubtedly boosts his abilities a lot.

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The Boulaya POTM SBC won’t expire until March 18, so you have plenty of time to complete it.

Boulaya is a spectacle with the ball at his feet.

Without a doubt, the best virtue of this card is the five stars of skillful movements. Inside the area he will become a very elusive and practically unstoppable player if he is given a lot of room to maneuver, even though he is not very fast.

However, this Algerian forward is far from rubbing shoulders with the best attackers in FIFA Ultimate Team. His first big flaw is his pace, which is very, very disappointing in long stretches.

Boulaya POTM only has 84 acceleration points and 83 sprint points. Although these attributes can go up to 94 and 93 if we use Hunter as a chemistry style, his stamina of only 78 points is also a drag that makes him a mid-range player.

Therefore, the best way to get the most out of Boulaya is to give him the ball inside the area so with his skillful movements he can get rid of the defenders and shoot without opposition.

As for his shots, Boulaya POTM has 90 power shot points and 80 finishing points. While these points are not all bad, for a forward at this point in the FUT cycle it falls short and is not effective enough when we compare him with other similar cards.

On the other hand, he has 82 short passing points and 81 vision points. This will allow him to be a good post on the edge of the box but without being dazzled by his ability to score filtered passes. He can give assists, as long as they are easy to complete.

Furthermore, Boulaya POTM has a good 89 agility points, 83 balance points and 90 dribbling points. However, his 70 reaction points unbalance this section and make him a certainly skilled player but not as effective as he should be if he is out of the area.


Boulaya is a great threat with the ball inside the area, but this is not enough for him to be at the level of the good forwards in the game.

You can find much better players than him for a lower price. In addition, he plays in Ligue One and has Algerian nationality. This does not make him a very easy player to include in a team from the point of view of chemistry, so don’t waste your time with this card.

FIFA 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.